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What does Alco Burner contain?

AlcoBurner contains natural probiotic microbial strains, non-GMO, known from food processing. This implies, that the Alco Burner pills are organic as well as vegan.

Is Alco Burner considered a food supplement?

Alco Burner is a food supplement/dietary supplement.

Is Alco Burner vegan?

Both Alco Burner and the capsule around it are entirely from the vegetable kingdom.

Do I need to drink more to enjoy the positive effects of alcohol?

No, the enjoyment comes from the 20% of alcohol that is absorbed to the bloodstream in the mouth/stomach. The remaining 80% ripples around in the intestinal tract and is slowly absorbed to the blood, with little enjoyment, but causes extra burden on the liver.

Why don't I experience a hangover when taking Alco Burner?

Breakdown process of alcohol is sped up and the intermediate metabolites from liver breakdown (which cause hangover) are never formed.

Why do I get a hangover?

Alcohol is generally well accepted by the body. During the breakdown of alcohol by enzymes, certain metabolites (by-products) are formed that are not so well accepted, i.e. acetaldehyde and acetic acid. These cause typical hangover symptoms like headache, nausea, upset stomach and tiredness. The metabolites are finally broken down into carbon dioxide and water – the symptoms are gone – but the natural process by the liver is very slow.

Is it true that alcohol is broken down quicker if I drink more water when drinking alcohol?

A recent study shows that the turnover of alcohol by the liver is not sped up if you drink more water in connection with drinking alcohol. However, drinking water is generally very good to maintain proper hydration of the body.

Why do I still get a headache the day after even if I took Alco Burner?

There could be many reasons for getting a headache, e.g. too little sleep, low blood sugar, stress, intolerances and more, which is outside of Alco Burner's "control". A common cause is dehydration, i.e body tissues dry out because of too low intake of water whether you drink alcohol or not.

Why do I feel dehydrated when I have been drinking? Can Alco Burner help me feel less dehydrated?

Breakdown of food into nutrients as well as breakdown of alcohol in the gut requires water. This water is extracted from surrounding tissues and if enough water is not available, thirst is experienced. Alco Burner will not ease dehydration but likely make rehydration quicker.

I woke up sweaty in the middle of the night when I took Alco Burner, why is that? Is my body working harder with Alco Burner?

A basic function of Alco Burner is detox, such as breaking down alcohol but also rinsing out accumulated by-products and debris from cells and tissues. This "intoxication" is most often subclinical, meaning that no obvious symptoms are experienced and that the natural cleansing process is ongoing. Alco Burner speeds up this process immunologically to quickly rid all "pollutants" from the body and that is likely why you wake up sweaty at night.

Does Alco Burner help the body to burn more calories?

Considering Alco Burner's mode of action, it is very likely that more calories are burnt, but that has not been clinically confirmed.

I usually have very regular bowel movements, but when I take Alco Burner I go to the toilet at different times. Why could that be?

Alco Burner is based on a pro- and prebiotic formulation meaning that it also has certain positive effects on the general metabolism.

Is Alco Burner helping me feel less tired the day after regardless of if I sleep less?

There is no evidence that Alco Burner makes you sleep more efficiently, i.e. need less hours of sleep. Obviously, there is less burden on several body systems when taking Alco Burner, i.e. less by-products lead to a quicker recovery, that may be part of the experience of feeling less tired.

Do you need a prescription to order Alco Burner?

Alco Burner is a consumer product and no prescription is required.

I often get diarrhea when drinking white wine but not when I take Alco Burner, why?

The substance in wine that causes the reaction is likely neutralised by Alco Burner and/or the metabolite that otherwise would form from digestion of alcohol is never formed.

What is an enzyme?

By definition, an enzyme is a protein that speeds up a spontaneous biochemical reaction at least 1 million times, i.e. a spontaneous reaction that normally would take 1 second will now happen 1 million times in 1 second.

Do enzymes constitute a health risk?

It is estimated that there are 10,000 to 30,000 enzymes in our body system for maintaining a healthy body – food digestion into nutrients, immune responses, biochemical synthesis, muscle contraction and much more. Alco Burner enzymes are of natural origin and have been part of the evolution since the beginning of time. No side-effects have been observed from Alco Burner.

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