About Us

AlcoBurner is a Swedish invention based on extensive knowledge within biochemistry and microbiology and years of studies. The product is manufactured by Peradil AB in Stockholm, Sweden. Our mission is to help people around the world enjoy alcohol in the safest way which is conducive to a healthy life by minimizing the negative side effects that cause damage to our bodies in the short and long term. Alco Burner is for everyone to prevent the negative effects of drinking. People tend to take care of their exterior by exercising and eating well, yet cause harm to their body by drinking alcohol. AlcoBurner focuses on fixing that part of the equation so that people can enjoy life while the outside match the inside. By taking AlcoBurner, you are protecting your body in the short and long term. You can read more under FAQ here. 

We do not encourage anyone to drink in excess. It is important to know that even if Alco Burner helps contribute to healthier drinking, the responsibility for a modest consumption is always up to each individual.  



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